STEM Conference

by in Aquaponics, Events August 17, 2019

On August 6th, Seventh Generation Solutions took part in the educators’ STEM conference at Santaluces High School. We were incredibly excited to participate, and found the event to be an incredible opportunity to talk to hundreds of educators from around Palm Beach County. The event was a great way for us to spread awareness for […]

SGS Aquaponics Workshops

by in Aquaponics, Events May 7, 2019

Seventh Generation Solutions held its first ever Aquaponics Workshop. There was a great turnout, and we had an incredible time building DIY systems with you guys. Here are some photos and highlights from the event! Aquaponics, despite popular belief, is actually incredibly easy for anyone to set up and maintain! We set out on a […]

Herb Garden Winner!

by in Aquaponics, Events April 8, 2019

Meet the lucky winner of our herb garden aquaponic system, Donna! We are super excited to finally announce the winner of the Seventh Generation Solutions March raffle contest: Donna Melanson! This proud member of the SGS community is a yoga instructor – you can check out her website here. We are so glad that she […]

Aquaponics in your Home

by in Aquaponics, Food December 8, 2018

The food demand is higher than ever, but large scale agriculture is not the solution. Aquaponics offers a safe, natural alternative that eliminates problems with fertilizers and pesticides. Aquaponics also produces larger crop yields, making it possible to grow food for you and your family right in your home!

Microgreens – Superfood of the Future?

by in Aquaponics, Food December 6, 2018

Researchers have found that microgreens contain up to five times more vitamins and minerals than their fully grown counterparts. With quick grow times and distinct flavors, could these greens become a popular superfood? Researching this new superfood feels like a glimpse into the future. These power-packed, nutrient dense greens are a quick addition to any […]

Can Tomatoes Lower your Risk of Cancer?

by in Aquaponics, Food December 1, 2018

Researchers have found tomatoes contain phytochemicals and minerals that reduce the risk of carcinogenesis. Tomatoes are being hailed as a cancer-fighting superfood. A study conducted by Colditz published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that among 1,271 people, “those who were in the top half of tomato consumption had a lower risk […]

Aquaponics and Sustainability

by in Aquaponics November 24, 2018

Aquaponic systems are not only easy to maintain, they also have many environmental benefits. This is why more people are turning to this form of farming in both large and small scale markets. Even in non-environmental aspects, the systems are proven to be highly sustainable in terms of time and cost. Aquaponics in the news: […]