Custom Systems & Growbeds


Anything is possible with Aqua Garden custom systems. We’ll work with you to build your dream system – customize components including size, shape, lighting style and more. Want more advanced features such as built-in drawers or multi-level grow beds? We’ve got you covered! Look through some of our projects to see what you like, or contact our team to start designing the perfect indoor or outdoor aquaponics system for your home. 


Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing an aquaponics system. You can create a beautiful and practical aquaponics system of any size for your restaurant or business. Add koi ponds and as many grow beds as you want! You can make a small aquaponics garden or a structure large enough to feed all of your customers. Contact us for help bringing your ideas to life! 


Aquaponics is a great representation of an entire functioning ecosystem! Fish produce waste, which serves as nutrients for the plants. The plants then absorb these nutrients, helping to purify the water for the fish. If you’re looking to design a custom aquaponics system for a classroom, project, or even as an educational home piece, contact us for help getting started!


Seventh Generation Solutions also services aquaponic systems! Whether you are having troubles with one of our systems or one of your own, let us know and we’ll help get it back in top shape. Our aquatic and plant specialists will also be able to give you tips on how to properly maintain and treat your system moving forward.

Interested In Starting
Or Servicing Your Custom System?

Give us a call at (561) – 865 – 7950, and one of our aquaponics experts will answers any questions you have to help you get started!