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      Erica Flannagan

      Our aquaponics systems come with full-spectrum lighting. They contain the red spectrum, which promotes the flowering and fruiting of the plants, as well as the blue spectrum which promotes their growth and development. This full spectrum LED lighting is incredibly efficient for indoor aquaponics systems. When compared to metal halide, fluorescent, and induction lighting, our LED lights promote plant growth at a much higher rate while also being more energy efficient.

      Vegetables seedlings generally need around 16 hours of lighting per day. Flowering or fruiting plants need between 10-16 hours of light per day. A timer can help to ensure that plants are receiving the proper amount of light. Receiving too little light can affect the growth or vegetation cycles of the plant, so be sure to always give them the proper amount of lighting every day! Once on a schedule, lighting for your aquaponic system will be simple to maintain and your plants will be thriving.

      We also carry more advanced lighting systems that are available as add-ons. Please contact us for more details on features and availability! Also feel free to leave any questions or comments below and let an SGS member help you perfect your system’s lighting today.

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