Home Grower

Mason Silvia designed the home grower to be a simple and versatile indoor aquaponics system capable of growing anything from salad greens to tomatoes, and includes everything you need to create your own sustainable ecosystem!


This larger aquaponics model is perfect for taller vegetables. Now you can grow lettuce, tomatoes, and kale right in your home! The large grow bed lets you squeeze in your favorite herbs too. A variety of organic, fresh food perfectly complements the beautiful 29 gallon fish tank.  Friends and family are sure to be impressed by this sustainable, smart ecosystem, and you will love having a stunning centerpiece that doubles as an indoor garden! The system comes included with everything you need to get started. See our forum for tips and advice on maintaining an indoor aquaponic system!

Comes With

  • Finished wooden grow bed and stand
  • Two LED grow lights
  • Color-adjustable aquarium light
  • Water pump
  • Twenty-nine gallon fish aquarium
  • Grow stones
  • 3 small bags of organic seeds of choice
  • Bell siphon and plumbing


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