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Founded by innovator Mason Silvia as a result of his advanced research in aquaponics, Seventh Generation Solutions strives to make healthy eating and sustainability efforts easy for everyone. SGS specializes in designing and building aquaponic systems that allow people to grow natural food right in their own homes. Based in South Florida, we are creating a movement to prove that sustainability and ecological awareness are important steps to solving society’s toughest problems.

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Mason Silvia


Mason Silvia has been working with aquaculture and aquaponics for years. He is currently majoring in Alternative and Renewable Energy Management at the Everglades University. Mason is a creator and innovator, and he designs large and small scale aquaponic systems to serve as alternative food production methods. 

Eleanor Goldstein


Eleanor founded Social Issues Resources Series (SIRS), an education database used by more than 60,000 institutions. Eleanor is also the executive producer of an Emmy Award winning, PBS national documentary series to help raise awareness about the declining health of the everglades, “Battle Ground Everglades.”

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Maria Tergis

STEM Conference

On August 6th, Seventh Generation Solutions took part in the educators’ STEM conference at Santaluces High School. We were incredibly excited to participate, and found

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Aquaponics workshop at SGS HQ
Erica Flannagan

SGS Aquaponics Workshops

Seventh Generation Solutions held its first ever Aquaponics Workshop. There was a great turnout, and we had an incredible time building DIY systems with you

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